Markanthony Akem

Markanthony Akem is the founder of Agileseventeen LLC and an accomplished professional with several years of industry experience in Business Analysis and Agile software development. As a change agent, he has engaged in the deployment of multi- million- dollar solutions across industry verticals resulting in strategic transformation and market positioning.

Born in England to Jonathan and Gloria Akem, Markanthony mostly grew up in Nigeria where he received his first degree in Economics. He later migrated to the United States to further his education and graduated from the University of Phoenix with an MBA 2009 while working as a Business Analyst on Agile teams.

His love for transformation propelled him to writing 6 publications in Agile with over 30 thousand readers world-wide.

Overall personal  improvement, learning and impacting people continues to be the centerpiece of Markanthony’s career  as the founder of Agileseventeen , an Agile coach and as a Business Analyst instructor. As a father and a husband, his core values revolve around integrity, humility and collaboration at all levels.

He is the lead Agile Coach and  instructor for Agileseventeen LLC.

Mo Alhashimi

Mo Alhashimi is a seasoned Sr. QA Architect with 10 years of experience and has worked for multi- billion dollar companies in manufacturing as a QA Analyst, Consultant and Engineer. He undertook multiple responsibilities in Software testing and QA Program management, certified in manual and automation testing, Test data management and possesses leadership skills.

Born and Raised in Iraq/Baghdad in 1987 with a huge passion for technology, learning and writing, he graduated with a bachelor in computer and software engineering from Baghdad in 2007, his first beginner’s job straight out of college was a Software engineer in a local hospital.

In 2008, Mo went for his Masters in Information Technology and made quite a progress. Later in 2011 started a new role with an American Military company dealing with military technology and equipment, through there he earned the opportunity to migrate to the United states and lived in Austin TX in 2013.

Mo has since then transitioned to Dallas where he currently lives and has partnered with Agileseventeen LLC to drive the QA program for individuals in underserved markets looking to tool and re-tool.

We at Agileseventeen are pleased to have Mo join our team of instructors.